Sightline Announces Executive Leadership Changes

Omer Sattar Assumes Role of CEO and Heads Payments Innovation; Mike McManus Named Customer Innovation Lead

Las Vegas, NV, August 16, 2023 – Sightline, a leading FinTech company specializing in payments technology and bespoke mobile solutions for the regulated gaming industry, today unveiled a series of strategic executive leadership changes:

  • Omer Sattar transitions from Co-CEO to CEO and will also lead the Payments Innovation division.
  • Mike McManus is appointed as President, Customer Innovation.
  • Tom Sears will transition from Chief Operating Officer to Strategic Advisor to the CEO.
  • Jonathan Michaels moves from SVP, Strategic Development & Government Affairs, to Michaels Strategies, an advisory firm with Sightline as its inaugural client.
  • Felicia Gassen, while continuing as Chief of Staff, assumes the additional role of Chief Administrative Officer.

Omer Sattar, Co-Founder and strategic leader of Sightline, has been named Chief Executive Officer. His depth and understanding of the payments market and innovative vision have been instrumental in defining the omnichannel experience for the gaming industry. Sattar’s added responsibility as the head of the Payments Innovation division underscores his commitment to pioneering the next wave of untapped payment innovations in the gaming sector.

Mike McManus, the former CEO of Joingo, is entrusted with the helm of the Customer Innovation division, underlining Sightline’s commitment to enhancing its omnichannel services.

Sightline remains committed to fostering innovation and excellence as it continues to serve the gaming industry. These leadership changes mark a significant step in ensuring the company’s ongoing growth and success. We would like to extend our gratitude to our investors and board members, specifically Bill Foley – Cannae, and Searchlight Capital Partners, for their unwavering faith and trust in our vision and team. Their support has been invaluable in shaping our direction and will continue to inspire our pursuit of excellence.

“As we envision Sightline’s imminent and promising future, spearheading the industry’s innovation emerges as our foremost endeavor,” remarked Omer Sattar, Sightline CEO. “Mike is equipped with the requisite skills, experience, and vision to actualize our commitment to the industry. Our motto remains clear: Innovate, and then innovate some more.”

Tom Sears, a vital part of Sightline for thirteen years, will transition from his role as Chief Operating Officer to Special Advisor to the CEO, effective September 15, 2023.

Omer Sattar, CEO of Sightline Payments, said, “Tom Sears’ dedication and insight have been integral to Sightline’s success, he has been our master watch builder and we could not have done this without him. His transition to Special Advisor is a reflection of our trust in his wisdom and the value we place on his strategic counsel. Though we’ll miss his daily operational leadership, we know that his influence will continue to guide us as we embrace the next decade of innovation. On behalf of everyone at Sightline and its original Founders (Kirk Sanford, Diran Kludjian, and Harry Hagerty), I extend heartfelt thanks to Tom for his remarkable contributions and wish him the very best in this next phase of his journey with our team.”

About Sightline

Sightline is transforming the gaming industry through its suite of award-winning payments and mobile products. Through its expertise in payments technology and software development, Sightline is uniquely positioned to help casino resorts and online gaming companies offer a more robust, customer-centric omnichannel experience. Sightline’s flagship product Sightline Pay enables players to use a single digital payment method across all gaming channels and throughout the entire resort. It’s currently a leading payments & cashless solution for more than 80 partners in 40+ states across the sports betting, lottery, horse racing, and online and brick-and-mortar casino markets. Sightline’s mobile platform, used by over 100 partners and about 5 million of their valued patrons, Sightline Mobile gives casino resorts the ability to offer their patrons a fully customizable ecosystem capable of providing access to all hospitality and gaming services.

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