Prepaid Discover® Toolkit

Sightline is committed to providing our Partners with guidance and resources to create assets that effectively represent your brand.

Card Art

Best Practices

Choose an Appropriate Element Color
Your selected colorway should complement or contrast your overall card design while remaining distinct.

Consider the Placement of Card Elements
When applying your design, be mindful of the chip and customer name embossing.

Less is More
The most successful card versions are driven by a single pattern or art element that makes use of the limited space. Consider avoiding visuals that are explicitly gaming-related, like roulette wheels, slots, etc.

Don’t Include Text
Aside from brand names in a logo, a successful card design should not include text.
Don’t Manipulate Locked Layers
The locked layers of the template include important placeholders, die lines, etc. They should not be edited, modified, or omitted.


Plastic Core
Example Card

Card Carrier

Standard Card Carrier

Value Props

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Program App/Website

Home Screen
Program Enrollment Flow
Deposit Pay Stack Screen
Withdraw Screen
Promotions Screen

Patron Communications

Direct Mail
Push Notifications
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